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. We hope to like the early open house. . I leave a heart on the child's desk for the parent to write a . . I am a first grade teacher too. . . I had a booklet on each child's desk for the parent highlighting all that I briefly . Best Answer: For writing, could you read a really cute, fun book and then have the kids design triaramas that show their favorite scene from the story? Then, maybe the kids . I am looking forward to teaching your child . . It is very important to make a great first . 5th Grade Open House Ideas. Jenna Bellina 1st Grade Teacher at Midway Elementary created a "First Grade Neighborhood" bulletin board outside her classroom for Open House. Thank you for attending OPEN HOUSE tonight. Whether it’s called Curriculum Night, Open House or Back to School Night, it all boils . . I have for my open house a PowerPoint slide show that I use to talk about first grade. 11+ Documents Related to “Open House Power Point” Over 500,000 Legal forms and Business . I have for my open house a Powerpoint slide show that I use to talk about . We had thought that maybe the first week in getting to know . Open house is the perfect time to get to . . . . . . Ideas about Back-to-School Open House (from the Grade 5-6 Connection listserve) . ©2009 Spring ISD - All rights reserved. In order to get ready for Open House, the students became first grade tour guides. . In previous years, I taught first grade. . . Prepare for open house by decorating the room with your students' work, making refreshments, and planning activities for the visiting parents. . Prepare for Open House with these ideas about making refreshments, setting up the classroom, and creating activities for the parents to do. Polly Tafrate, MS Education, taught first grade for twenty-five years in a suburban New . Last year was my first Open House with 3rd grade and we don't have the children come either. opportunity for teacher and parents to meet is often open house. SR First Grade Open House ListingOverview of First Grade for Parents . I am a first grade teacher too. . Welcome to First Grade The ABC’s of Miss Homoelle’s Class A . . First-Grade Open HouseDear First Grade Students, Open House is coming up very soon! It is a fun evening when you can bring your family to show them your school and introduce them to your teacher. . . . . . . Parents were greeted at Open House by full-size figures of their children sitting in the desks. History. . . . We made tour guide hats out of sentence strips. .

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